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Pollak Library

Women's and Gender Studies

Subject guide for Women and Gender Studies


Welcome to the Pollak Library's Subject Guide for Women and Gender Studies! 

This guide was created to introduce you to some of the resources, searching techniques, and research methods that are important in the field of Women's and Gender Studies (WGS). If you are new to this subject, check out the Feminist Research Methods page to get an overview of the steps of conducting research through the gender/sexuality/feminist lens, and learn how these methods can help you become a well-rounded researcher. 

This guide is a living document that I update frequently with new resources, strategies, and information. 

This library research guide can help you:

Find Background Information

Find Books

Find Articles

Find Primary Sources and Archival Collections

Find Campus and National Organizations

Cite Your Sources

Guide Limitations

WGS is an interdisciplinary topic, which means that information relevant to your research may come from a number of other research areas like history, education, media studies, public health, etc. Any topic that you choose to examine through the lens of gender/sexuality/feminism is research in the WGS field, but the best source for your research may not be on this guide. 

If you don't see what you need here please reach out to me for assistance- my contact info is in the box to the left.