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HIST 402A & B: Public History (Dr. Brown-Coronel): Home

Research instruction guide for Dr. Margie Brown-Coronel's public history courses.


Welcome to research guide for Public History courses taught by Dr. Margie Brown-Coronel.

This guide focuses on Dr. Brown-Coronel's Pio Pico State Historic Park project, as a standalone asynchronous research instruction resource or to supplement instruction sessions taught by me. Students need to locate and analyze historical records to learn more about the evolving communities that have lived in what is now the state park and the surrounding area. If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Digital Literacy Librarian using the information listed on the right.

At the end of this semester's library instruction session, you will be able to:

  • explain the difference between U.S. federal population census manuscript records and aggregated census data
  • describe some of the types of information contained in U.S. census manuscript records over the decades
  • analyze U.S. population census manuscript pages
  • find U.S. population census manuscript records on FamilySearch for a particular state, county, and locality
  • explain the purpose of Sanborn fire insurance maps
  • find Sanborn maps on the Library of Congress website for a particular U.S. state, county, and locality
  • explain why U.S. Sanborn maps might not be available online for a particular U.S. locality