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Permalinks: Kanopy

Learn how to create permanent URLs for the library's electronic resources: databases, journals, articles, ebooks, etc


Linking to Kanopy Streaming videos can either be done using the permalinks from OneSearch which requires less effort than creating a direct URL to the streaming video. If you wish to create a direct URL to the video, you need to add the proxy prefix to the Kanopy URL found on the Kanopy website. For example, this link does not have a proxy prefix: it will work if you are on campus but if you try to access the video from home, you will not be able to view the video. You will have to copy and paste the proxy prefix in front of the URL to access the video from off-campus. It should look like this:

OneSearch Permalinks

OneSearch permalinks conveniently link to all the library's available resources. These permalinks are the easiest to locate on the library website, easier to authenticate from off-campus and allow users to report access problems. See the video below on OneSearch permalinks:

Creating direct URLs

If you look closely at the screenshot below, you will see that Kanopy does not provide a URL that allows off-campus access to its video content. You will have to add the proxy prefix to the shareable link you find on the Kanopy website.

Image of Kanopy video with an arrow pointing to permalink