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ENGLISH 301: Welcome

Welcome: Essential Research Help

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Research Goals

English 301 is a Writing in the Disciplines course. You will be reading scholarly or peer-reviewed journal articles or books specific to your discipline. 

  • Learn Library Resources & Services
  • Explore & Research Your Topic

  • Understand Key Concepts and Contexts

  • Construct Effective Search Strategies

  • Evaluate Sources

  • Cite | Manage | Format Ctations

Assignment Examples

The following are examples of assignments that professors have asked students to research, learn, and write about.  

  • For this essay, you will choose a topic from your field that is considered controversial or significant. Choose to write either: -Problem/Solution essay: Describe the problem and provide 1-2 actionable solutions. Be sure to consider who has the power to make change (this is your audience)
    -Persuasive essay: Choose one side of the argument and take a stance for/against, or advocate for one position over the other. Your audience is who needs convincing as well as who has the power to make change.

  • Find a topic that you are interested in. Narrow down to a problem in a specific field or controversial issue. Research that issue using only academic sources. Gather 4-5 sources that best capture all the complicated facets of the issue. Write a 6-8 page double spaced review of your findings. 
  • Discuss a problem in your field and show why it is compelling; introduce context behind the issue; present a clear proposal to this issue; use evidence to support reasoning; use at least five outside sources to support your points. 
  • Write a synthesis paper that explores an issue in your field. Use at least two scholarly articles. Read, annotate, and summarize the main ideas. Compare and contrast two opposing views. *The I-Search Paper: "To conduct a serious inquiry into a subject that really interests you... The paper is a chronicle of your interest in the question(s), your search for answers, and the outcome of the search." 
  • Find a discussion pertaining to humor/comedy, and use research to further develop this topic, lending your own perspective. Utilize the rhetorical skills picked up along the way and apply them to an academic conversation: getting an audience's attention, articulating a point of view, presenting observations and evidence, and ultimately influencing the way an audience feels about a given subject. 
  • Research topics that revolve around technology use in our society. Examples: social media, genetic engineering, cyber security, and etc.