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Global Marketing: Country Profiles

Country Profiles Databases

Databases that provide descriptions, statistics, and/or directory information about countries around the world.

Country Profiles Books

useful books and e-books available through the Pollak Library that provide information on the government, culture, society, and/or economy of nations around the world.

Kiss, Bow, Or Shake Hands

An essential guide to worldwide business etiquette. Kept at the reference desk. Ask the librarian for assistance.


A guide to the customs, cultures, and etiquette of countries around the world. Found in the reference collection at GT150 .C85

Countries and Their Cultures

A guide to the cultures of the thousands of ethnic groups found in countries all over the world. Available in the reference stacks at GN307 .C68 2001 or as a ebook at the listed URL

Worldmark Encyclopedia of Nations

An e-book that provides profiles of a countries' culture, society, economy, and government.

Pollak Library Catalog

Catalog of the resources--books, e-books, journals, audviovisual materials, maps, microforms, government documents--available in the Pollak Library.

WorldCat (OCLC)

Combines the catalogs from OCLC member libraries (50,000+ libraries in 80+ countries). Indexes all types of materials, including: books, computer data files, computer programs, films and slides, internet resources, journals, magazines, manuscripts, archives, maps, musical scores, newspapers, sound and video media in 400+ languages. Titles in original language; can limit to desired material type.

Country Profiles Websites

These freely available web sites provide information on countries' goverments, societies, cultures, and economies.

Reports from the U.S. Department of Commerce on doing business in foreign countries. These reports are updated annually and include a section on business culture in the "Business Travel" chapter.

Profiles of nations with a heavy emphasis on statistical data.

A wealth of information about the EU and its member countries.

U.S. Trade Representative: USMCA
The official U.S. government USCMA website.


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