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Chemistry 306A: Assignment

An online guide for CHEM 306A

Chemistry 306A Assignment


CHEM 306A Assignment (p. 27)*

You will pick the names of two compounds from a list (see below). 
For EACH compound, you are required to turn in the following for this assignment: 

1.  Chemical Structure

2.  CAS (Chemical Abstracts Service) Registry Number

3.  A screenshot of an entire research article in the primary literature which contains:

  • Abstract
  • Experimental section (i.e. describes, for example, procedures, materials used, spectroscopic data, etc.) 

The article must deal with chemical or biochemical aspects of the compound such as its synthesis, characterization, analysis, and/or reactions.

4.  A screenshot of the search page from SciFinder-n or Scopus which shows the result of the search for each research article. 

Highlight the name of each assigned compound as it appears in the research article and search page.  The assignment will be turned in on Titanium or TA.

*Note: Your instructor may modify the above assignment, so double check to make sure it is correct.

List of compounds.