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Educational Leadership: Empirical and Review Articles - Excercise

Subject guide for Educational Leadership

Article Exercise

An empirical article is a research article that reports the results of a study that uses data derived from actual observation or experimentation.

A scholarly literature review article summarizes and critically evaluates academic articles and other scholarly works on a topic.  It does not contain original research.

Click on the links below to determine if the sample articles present empirical studies or review the literature. 


Anhalt, C. O., & Rodríguez Pérez, M. E. (2013). K-8 teachers' concerns about teaching Latino/a students. Journal Of Urban Mathematics Education, 6(2), 42-61.


Stone-MacDonald, A. (2015). Using Ipad applications to increase literacy skills for children prek to grade 3 with disabilities. Young Exceptional Children, 18(3), 3-18.


Empirical articles