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English 101: Background Information

A resource guide for English 101 library instruction sessions taught by Digital Scholarship Librarian, Colleen Robledo Greene.

Background Information from Academic Sources

Background sources are particularly useful when you are just starting your research, but they can also help you throughout the process. These types of sources can provide a brief summary of a topic, explain important theories, define commonly used terms, and provide biographical information on important people in the field. 

Research Tip: Search for broad-scope topics, theories, terms, or people in these types of sources. For example:

  • Kamala Harris

  • women's rights

  • virtual reality

  • artificial intelligence

  • esports


Suggested Videos

This 1-1/2 minute video tutorial shows you how to use topic pages within Gale In Context: Opposing Viewpoints to research key issues and topics of debate.