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English 101: Getting Started

A resource guide for English 101 library instruction sessions taught by Digital Scholarship Librarian, Colleen Robledo Greene.

How To Get Started With Your Research Project

All of the resources in this course guide will help you with your English 101 research assignments. However, to best set you up for success with those assignments, you should take our "Library Research Essentials" self-paced Canvas course. The entire course takes about 1 hour to complete. You can come back to that course at any time

Pollak Library "Library Research Essentials" Learning Modules

Library Research Essentials learning module

Library Research Essentials is a collection of interactive tutorials in Canvas that will give students a thorough orientation to Pollak Library and library research in general. Once students complete all of the tutorials (10-15 minutes each, one hour to complete all), students will be familiar with the library’s services and collections, with the basic functions of the library website including how to get started with library research, and students will recall how to get help. They will also learn about giving credit, forming a research question, and finding trustworthy sources of information.

Tutorials include:

  • The Research Question
  • Who Can You Trust?
  • Putting the Search Into Research
  • Give Credit
  • Collections & Services

Complete one, two, or all 5!

A short quiz in Canvas accompanies each tutorial module.