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English 101: Books

A resource guide for English 101 library instruction sessions taught by Digital Scholarship Librarian, Colleen Robledo Greene.

Find Books with OneSearch

Stack of Books





Use OneSearch to find books, eBooks, streaming media and other materials in the Pollak Library collection. 

You can also search for books by visiting the library's homepage, clicking on the "Books/Media" icon and entering your search terms there. 

Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service offered by the library, which we use to borrow books from other libraries on your behalf. This is a great way to get access to books or articles which we do not have in our collection! 

These requests can sometimes take up to a few days to process, so submit your request early if you need them for an upcoming assignment. Once your request arrives, you will receive an email notification. 

The following links can help you to submit, check on, and access your interlibrary loan requests:

Contactless Book Pickup

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Pollak Library launched a contactless book pickup service via library lockers in an effort to provide CSUF students, faculty, and staff with physical books while maintaining social distancing. Due to their convenience, we are keeping this service in place.

Similar to Amazon package lockers, they can be used to pick-up library books and materials requested via OneSearch.  The lockers are located at the south entrance of the library (Quad side). This allows users to pick-up their books/materials any time. In OneSearch, for a book or item, users select Request and then 24/7 Lockers ; an email will then be sent with instructions how to open the locker (an electronic key code).  Materials will be available from the locker for 3 days after the email is sent.  Please see full details about lockers for more information.

The Orange Magnifying Glass on Pollak Library Database Lists

OneSearch icon- used to denote that database holdings can also be found in OneSearch What does that orange magnifying glass icon mean?

When you see that icon in a database description it means that materials from that database can also be found by searching in the Pollak Library's OneSearch discovery tool.

Research Tip: When reviewing a list of databases, such as General Research databases, not the databases that DO NOT display the orange magnifying glass. You will want to click on each of those databases to individually search within them since they are not indexed by OneSearch.