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Google Earth Web: Creating Projects

How to Create Digital Map Stories & Projects

After the 2024 Redesign

The Google Earth Web editing interface underwent a redesign in 2024. This short 8-1/2 minute video tutorial (24) created by a University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) student demonstrates how to create a Google Earth Web project using the most current version.

The Old Editing Interface

This 29-minute recorded webinar (2021) by the Google Earth team demonstrates how to view Google Earth Web stories, and then walks through creating projects of your own, finding and adding places on the 3D globe, adding a Street View perspective, and adding your own textual and media content to your places. It also explains how to customize your place markers and the view associated with each place, how to preview each section of your project and the full project, how to reorder the places/sections of your project, and how to share your project with others.

This webinar recording reflects the platform before the big Google Earth Web redesign that happened in September 2023, and the subsequent redesign that happened in early 2024. There is now only a single horizontal platform-wide menu at the top of the screen.

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