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Google Earth Web: Exploring

Viewing Google Earth Web Stories & Tours

You can view two types of Google Earth Web stories: Stories showcased in Voyager or stories shared directly with you via a direct link. This section of the guide will walk you through both methods.

Exploring Google Earth Voyager Stories

About Voyager

Voyager is a Google Earth Web feature launched in 2017. It provides a showcase of digital map-based interactive stories selected by Google. These focus on themes such as nature, culture, and travel. Some stories are designed as learning games. Other stories are grouped together and built to highlight particular kinds of Google Earth data such as layers found in the Google Earth Pro desktop version (3D imagery, time lapse imagery, 360 video, historical maps, etc.) and Street View imagery found in Google Maps.

Accessing Voyager

Step One

To access Voyager, go to Google Earth Web. You do not need to be logged in to a Google account in order to access and view Voyager stories. Voyager works best when viewed using the Google Chrome browser.

Step Two

In the left-hand sidebar menu, click on the Voyager icon, which looks like a ship steering wheel.

Voyager can be launched by clicking on the ship steering wheel icon in the left-hand sidebar menu.

Step Three

From the Voyager view, select from a list of pre-defined story categories to view all Voyager stories in that category group. Unfortunately, these Voyager collections are not searchable.

Choose a Voyager category to explore a collection of Google Earth stories in that category.


Viewing Voyager Stories

Google-selected Voyager stories are available to view and interact with by anyone. You do not need to have or be logged in with a Google account to view these, but the stories work best when viewed using Google Chrome.

Step One

After selecting a Voyager story by double clicking on it from the Voyager showcase library, you usually need to launch the interactive story by clicking on some type of start button from the home page for that story. In the example screenshot below, that start button is the blue "Explore" button.

Launch this Voyager story by clicking on the Explore button and link.

Some of the stories on Voyager are multi-part stories, all of which are listed and linked to on the main story home page like chapters in the story. You need to select the chapter you want to view and launch it by double clicking on the chapter title and thumbnail image, like in the example screenshot below.

This digital story includes a series of chapter sub-stories, each of which needs to be launched by clicking on the respective chapter title and thumbnail.

Step Two

Google Earth Web flies you over to the mapped location of the first segment of a Voyager story. Look for the pagination arrows in the bottom right corner of the web page to advance through the rest of the story, or to backup to an earlier part of the story.

Look for the pagination buttons in the bottom right corner of a Voyager story to advance through the digital story.

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