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University 100- Business: Annotated Bibliographies & Literature Reviews

This is a guide for students researching their majors or industries for University 100 Business .

Sample Annotation

sample annotation

Annotated bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is list of references sources (scholarly articles, books, websites, reports, etc.) on a topic or research area that contains a summary and evaluation for each listed document.

The “annotation” part pertains to the write-up produced for each source.

One approach is to use the APA empirical research article format as a tool to evaluate an article's content. Scholarly articles that present original research (empirical) will have the following structure:

Introduction (literature review)
Methodology (research method used)
Results (data analysis, statistics)
Discussion (significance of the study)
References (list of sources used)

Writing the Literature Review

Both videos are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Concise and straight-forward information is presented on how to approach writing a literature review. 

Web Resources for Writing Literature Reviews

Below are links to resources for writing literature reviews. Hover the links to read a description of the resource.