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Adobe Spark

Using Adobe Spark for classroom instruction, student assignments, and scholarship.

What is Adobe Spark?

""Adobe Spark is a cloud-based suite of applications for creating rich professional visual and multimedia content with little-to-no design expertise. It is an excellent tool for visual storytelling.

It consists of three apps:

  • Spark Post for designing graphics
  • Spark Video for creating video stories
  • Spark Page for creating one-page websites

This suite of apps can be accessed and used on a web browser. A mobile verion of each app is also available to download individually for iOS, however Android devices currently support only Spark Post. Because the application suite is cloud-based, your account and projects sync across all of your devices.

Adobe Spark is available as a freemium model, with a free basic version or paid premium upgrades. CSUF makes the premium version available to our students, faculty, and staff. Our CSUF premium subscription allows students to collaborate with each other on their shared projects, using the web version. Team collaboration is not yet supported on the mobile apps.

About This Guide

This guide is available to the public, however it is primarily designed for CSUF students and faculty.

What You Will Find In This Guide

This guide explains: 

  • what is Adobe Spark
  • how to use the Spark Post part of Adobe Spark
  • how to use the Spark Video part of Adobe Spark
  • how to use the Spark Page part of Adobe Spark
  • resources available just to CSUF students, faculty, and staff.

Additional Resources to Learn More