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Religious Studies

A guide on research resources for Religious Studies

Scholarly Journals in Religious Studies

You can find scholarly articles and scholarly books or chapters in the databases below.  

  • Is this a scholarly journal? Check Ulrich's Periodicals Directory.
  • You can browse journals in religion at the Find Journals page (not articles published in journals). This is useful for surveying journals in religion, or a specific religion such Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and other religions. For example, just type the word Religion, or Buddhism.
  • Use Interlibrary Loan (ILL) to request articles and books from another library, if the Pollak Library does not have the books or articles you need. This is a FREE service for students, faculty, and staff.

Religion Resources at Hope University

Hope International University Darling Library (located just south of the CSU Fullerton campus) permits CSU Fullerton students to use some of their databases in their library. Some of the more useful include:

  • ATLA Religion Databases In EBSCOHost (includes full-text).
  • Religion Module in ProQuest (includes full-text).
  • The Christian Standard Subject Index for 1967-1993.
  • CDRI: Cooperative Digital Resources Initiative Digital images from ATLA
  • CPI (Christian Periodical Index)

For more information, please contact the Hope University Library staff directly, or consult their web site at