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A guide to using the free Historypin app to share placed-based digital history collections and virtual tours.

Welcome to the Pollak Guide to Using Historypin!

Historypin logoHistorypin is a crowd-sourced location-based digital history archive that exists as a website and as a mobile app for both Apple and Android. It was created by We Are What We Do, a non-profit, in collaboration with Google. Historypin beta-launched in July 2010 and held its formal public launch in July 2011.

The archive includes primary source digital photos, video, and audio recordings "pinned" to particular coordinates on Google Maps, accompanied by descriptive and narrative text, such as stories and recollections. At this time, Historypin does not support digitzed documents.

When you browse this guide you'll find:

  • Example uses cases.
  • Tips and tutorials for using Omeka.
  • Recommended Omeka power users (aka "gurus").
  • Resources for developing more advanced Omeka skills.

A First Look at Historypin

A quick tour of Historypin's main features.

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