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Music: Books

Finding books:

How do I find books in the library?

Step 1: Start on the Library's website.

Step 2: Click on the Books/Media icon.

Step 3: Select if you want Pollak Library OR the CSU Collection.


Step 4: Type in subject or book title or author.

Book availability:

How do I know if my book is available?

RETRIEVE the book based on its availability and location.

  • Available (green) means it is currently available at Pollak Library.

  • Online Access (blue) means the text is accessible online.

  • Check Holdings (orange) means you will need to request from another CSU Library. 

SAVE the book search by click on the thumbtack icon on the top-left corner of the page.


  • A book on the 5th floor: Sign in and click "request". Pick up book at Circulation. Book will be held for 10 days.

  • A book from another CSU: Sign in and click "request". Pick up book at Circulation. 

  • A book from Interlibrary loan (a.k.a. books NOT in our system): Sign into INTERLIBRARY LOAN, click on "new request", and fill out book or article information accordingly.