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Takeuchi: Articles

Share Your Articles!

Potential Sources for Essay #3

  • Brainstorm key terms 

  • Choose a database and a research pilot

  • Research together

  • Copy and past the permalink and add the author’s name and title of source --> --> Google Doc

  • 10 am Google Doc

  • Include the key terms you and your team used


Databases to find scholarly journal articles

Google Scholar

Use Google Scholar to search through thousands of journals, many of which the Pollak library owns. You can also find patents and legal documents with Scholar

If you are off-campus click on this link to use the library enhanced version of Scholar.

Google Scholar Search

Popular Sources

Other Databases...

If the general research databases are too broad for your topic, try using some of the library's subject-specific databases. Click on the "Databases" link, on the library's homepage, or click on the link below.

Food Databases

Google Government Search

google governmentGoogle Government searches federal, state, and local web sites with domains .gov and .mil as well as select government sites with .edu, .us., and .com domains. Google Government is an excellent source for finding statistical information.