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Pollak Library Spark Tutorials: Home

Tutorials regarding Pollak Library that includes information regarding Titanium, Badges and Accessibility tutorials.


  • Four interactive library tutorials (see reverse for descriptions and learning objectives) live in Titanium course that is named Pollak Library Spark Tutorials. Students may self-enroll in the course.
  • Access the course at (you will be prompted to login if you’re not already, and you will have to do a one-click self-enrollment the first time you visit).


  • Titanium will automatically issue tutorial-specific badge to students that pass a tutorial with 100% score on final quiz (students may retake the quiz as necessary). There’s also a badge issued for completing all four tutorials.
  • Badges will appear in students’ Titanium profile, visible to all students and instructors.
    • Student may create and connect a Mozilla Backpack account so that earned badges appear on LinkedIn and anywhere else that supports the Open Badges platform.
    • When clicked, the badge links to metadata and earning criteria (e.g. learning objectives).
  • Student completion is trackable by instructors and Pollak Library.

Five Badges

Figure 1 - All five badges - Pollak Library Orientation badge issued when learner completes all four tutorials, in any order.