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Geology 303A: Books

Library Catalog | Call Numbers

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A call number is an identification number (consisting of characters and numbers), used to identify and locate materials within a library.  Library of Congress Classification - Sciences.

QE (Geology)
QE1-QE50 (General geology)
QE51-QE350 (Geology by geographic region)
QE351-QE399 (Mineralogy)
QE420-QE499 (Petrology)
QE500-QE613 (Structural Geology)
QE640-QE699 (Stratigraphy)
QE701-QE996 (Paleontology)
QC801-QC809 (Geophysics)
TN260s, TN870s (Economic and exploration geology)
GB400-GB649 (Geomorphology)
GB651-GB2298 (Hydrology and Hydrogeology)

Interlibrary Loan / Reciprocal Borrowing

Current Cal State Fullerton students, faculty, and staff may borrow books, journal articles, and other library materials from partner lending libraries if the Pollak Library does not own a copy of a requested item.

Interlibrary Loan
All Interlibrary Loan (ILL) requests are processed electronically through our Interlibrary loan service.

Reciprocal Borrowing
All CSU libraries have reciprocity with one another, though local lending rules will apply. On top of this, the Pollak Library has reciprocal lending agreements with several other local libraries. Please obtain an authorization letter from the Circulation Desk (1st floor, Library North) before visiting any listed libraries.


Introduction to mineralogy

Crystallography ebooks