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Political Science: Articles

This subject guide was created to showcase library resources for Political Science research.

We the People!

The United States Constitution emphasizing the words “We the People”.

Political Science Databases

The databases on this page are recommended for political science research, but there are a variety of others to choose from! To select the right database, think about which disciplines study the issues you are researching and use the recommended database list on the library website based on that subject. For example, if you are taking a political science course, it is natural to assume that the "political science" databases are the best choice. However, are you studying the political context of a health or education issue? You would probably want to do some searching in those databases as well.

The best databases always depend on the context of your research.

Recommended Databases


General Database Search Strategies

database search

  • The character is used as a wildcard: effect* searches for effects, effecting, effected
  • AND narrows the search results
  • OR expands search results (used for synonyms or related words)
  • NOT excludes terms from a search
  • Use " " for phrase specific searching