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A Research Guide for Chinese Scholars: Survey

Resources on Teaching English


We greatly appreciate your feedback regarding the library class and your research interests.  Thank you. 

Google Survey 1
Google Survey 2

What are your research interests?

  • teaching methodology, interecultural communicaitons
  • critical thinking
  • translation of cuture loaded words
  • intercultural communication
  • Academic English
  • language learning methods
  • Teaching methodology
  • culture and literature
  • Intercultural Communication, ethnic culture,translation
  • SLA, Course design,Teaching methodology
  • culture and literature
  • cognitive linguistics; how to save an endangered language
  • Secondary language acquisition, cross culture comparison
  • literary,culture
  • curriculum design
  • 笔译、口译、跨文化交际
  • teaching method; teacher development; survey researcht
  • teaching method
  • translation and TESOL
  • English teaching methodology
  • teaching methods; cultural difference

What questions do you have about the library or research?

  • how to find some specific refrence books related to reasearch interest
  • How to get more usefull references
  • how to survey student 's learing methods
  • how to download the paper and keep it in our computer
  • how to find specific refrence books
  • I have been teaching for over 28 years and I used to teach English at middle schools for 8 years, high schools for 8 years and then university, I found that most of the students can't really speak English after they have learned English for over 11 years, I really want to find out the reasons. Maybe it is because of the methods we use and maybe it is the education system, I meant test system, we only test their listening, reading, translating skills, but not speaking skill. I don't know whether it is right or not.. What can I do to help them.
  • 如何更好利用图书馆的资源或在美国学习的机会尽可能获得跨文化交际及创新性教育法的信息
  • Can I copy ebook?
  • how to analyse quantity statstics
  • none
  • temporarily no
  • ther are some questions about to look for more books from the orther library and copy the books
  • I don't know some statistic methods, such as SPSS.
  • I have no questions for now
  • how to download the books and save the articles I need
  • if I have borrowed , how to get it coped cheaply and bring it back to China
  • no questions so far, i need to practice l

Wha do you find challenging about teaching English

  • create as many class  teaching acrtivities as possible to make the english class more interesting
  • I often feel I don't know what to teach; how to motivate my students; how to arrange my class and what assignment to make
  • culture
  • How to get my students involved energetically and efficiently?
  • It is hard to maintain students' interest of learning English since we are lack of a good atmosphere
  • classroom language
  • finding the latest information related to the topic delivered to students
  • how to arouse Ss' interest in learning English, how to arrange classroom activities and about teachers' classroom discourse
  • finding  latest information of the topic delivered to students
  • to ask my students to open their mouth to speak English in class.
  • teaching effectively
  • 如何开发充满创意的思维
  • to form a vivid english language environment
  • evaluating the effect of teaching is really challening.
  • Students are not interested in English learning, espcially speaking. Because they think their English is so poor. They are afraid of making mistakes.
  • What to teach and how to teach
  • how to design a excellent class
  • culture shocks
  • how to stimulate Ss interests and euthusasiam, and how to have actyivites to give them more oppunities to practice thier oral English
  • to combine english teaching pracitce with language teaching theory, thus to improve teaching.
  • to combine English reading  with culture  exactly

What would you like to learn in our library class on Thursday Dec 4th?

  • how to store the materials I find as word into my hard drive?
  • how to read a book efficently
  • anything about library or crtick thingking
  • how to find a new and ceartive rearch topic
  • whatever you teach, I would like to learn
  • accadamic wrting style, how to save vedio resources
  • more about searching books or journals
  • i want to know the searching methods so that I can find out the materials I want as quickly as I can..
  • how to down load
  • to read advanced teaching articles on line
  • how to find sth useful and download it
  • anything is ok
  • can I download paper of master and doctor
  • to find sth useful and download it
  • how to download the books and save the articles I need
  • the diffefrences of writing thought between Chinese and Western culture
  • 创意型教学法
  • How to take full use of our library?  More information about searching articles.