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Art 481/511 - Mandell: Evaluate Websites

This online guide is for Dr. Mandell's Art 481/511 class.

ABOUT: 1st place to look

Evaluating a webpage? Watch for the ABOUT link.

ABOUT link will tell you...
Who is involved
What are their credentials?
Is there contact information?
What is the mission or purpose?

Might also include...
History of the project
Background on the project
Annual Reports
List of publications
Guidelines and rules

OR this link might be called
Information or INFO or About Us

How Do I Evaluate Websites?

Ask yourself the following questions when evaluating websites:|
=> Is the author an authority or expert on the subject?

=> What is the author's agenda? Are they trying to sell an idea or product?

=> Do they use evidence to support fact claims, ideas, or opinions?

=> Is the information current?

For this topic, a student would need to be careful that they were not using information that is essentially written for tourists or for people who simply love Museums and how much fun they are.  Possibly using only materials that come from universities and carry a .edu domain would be a good idea.

A few museum websites

LACMA: Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

The Getty The Getty Center Los Angeles and The Getty Villa, Mailbu

MOMA: The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York


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