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CMC/LRDC Toolkit: Received CA State Adopted ELD/ELA Curricula K-8

Resource toolkit to support CMC/LRDC collection at Pollak Library.

Pollak Library LRDC – ELD/ELA CA State Adopted Programs - RECEIVED


Curriculum Frameworks - ELD/ELA

Guidelines for implementing the content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education that are developed by the Instructional Quality Commission.

2015 ELA/ELD Adoption - Programs adopted by the State Board of Education on November 4, 2015. Information is organized by program types: Basic Grade-Level, and Intervention.

English Language Arts - Information to help students achieve progressive levels of mastery so that they may communicate effectively in English and, ultimately, participate fully in society and the world of work.

2015 English Language Arts/English Language Development Instructional Materials Adoption (K-8) - General information, reviewer information, publisher info, references, and other FAQs about the ELA/EDL adoption .