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CMC/LRDC Toolkit: RECIEVED CA State Adopted MATH Curricula K-8

Resource toolkit to support CMC/LRDC collection at Pollak Library.

Pollak Library LRDC – Mathematics Education CA State Adopted Programs - RECEIVED


Curriculum Frameworks - Mathematics 

Guidelines for implementing the content standards adopted by the California State Board of Education that are developed by the Instructional Quality Commission.

2013 Revision of the Mathematics Framework for CA Public Schools  - The California State Board of Education adopted the Mathematics Framework on November 6, 2013. This version of theMathematics Framework will remain posted while it is edited for publication, anticipated late 2014.

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, Adopted August 2010 and Modified January 2013

Timeline for Revision of the Mathematics Framework  In January 2012, the State Board of Education approved the timeline for the revision of the Mathematics Framework.

List of CA State Board Adopted Programs for Mathematics K-8 - Programs adopted by State Board of Education on January 15, 2014. Information is organized by the three program types: Basic Grade-Level, Algebra 1, and Mathematics 1.

Workflow for displaying newly adopted textbooks

The Learning Resources Display Center (LRDC) is on the 4th floor of Pollak Library North.  Our LRDC is part of a statewide program that provides educators, students and the public access to instructional materials for K-8 that have been adopted or are being considered for adoption by the state of California.

These materials include things such as textbooks, teacher's guides, big books, bilingual editions of texts, science experiment kits, and DVDs.

The Pollak Library's LRDC contains adopted materials only. If you would like to see a complete set of all materials being considered for adoption, you can find an LRDC near you by visiting


Our Library also retains many materials from the previous adoption and moves them to the Text collection which is located right next to the LRDC.


The Text collection also contains any textbooks we may have for grades 9-12.  


Anyone can look at materials in the LRDC without an appointment.  Materials in the LRDC can only be borrowed by patrons with a library card. 


Loan Period Students: 3 weeks; one renewal; can be recalled
Loan Period Faculty: 3 weeks; one renewal; can be recalled; special arrangements available


Materials in the LRDC can be found in the Pollak Library Catalog by searching for the title of the textbook or the publisher's name and limiting to Curriculum Materials & Juvenile only.


These items are minimally cataloged so student workbooks, instructional media such as kits, and other materials will only show up as supplements in the catalog.