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Chicana & Chicano Studies (CHIC) -- Health Focus: A note about terminology for Chicanas and Chicanos

Research resources for the study of health issues in the Chicano Community

A note about terminology for Chicanas and Chicanos

A Note about the terminology used for Chicanas/Chicanos

You will encounter variation in the use terms "Chicano(s)" or "Chicana(s)", "Latino(s)" or "Latina(s)", "Hispanic(s)" or "Hispanic American(s)" and "Mexican American(s)" in different websites, online catalogs and databases.

Regardless of how you feel about the use of these terms or which term(s) you use when you write up your research, it may be necessary for you to try all of them to find the resources you need for your research. A key word search can help to determine which terms have been used in the database you are trying to use.

In those databases with a controlled list of vocabulary, "Chicano" or "Chicana" will rarely be the term selected. Instead "Mexican American" or even "Hispanic American" will probably be the preferred term, but sometimes Latino and Latina is used.

U.S. government websites have traditionally used the term "Hispanic American" in their reporting, but recently, the Census Bureau allowed people to self select the terms used to identity their ethnicity in the 2000 Census. Most government agencies have begun to use some of these other terms.

Here is one of the searches I put together that attempts to cover many possibilites:

Chican* OR Latino* OR Latina* OR Mexican American* OR Hispanic*   -- Note the use of the * for truncation purposes.