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Troy High School International Baccalaureate: Primary Sources

This is an online guide for Troy High School IB students

Books as primary sources

Depending on what you are researching, books may be a great place for primary sources. When searching the library's Books/Media page, do your regular keyword search, and then add: and sources. Using they keyword, "sources", will help you find books that contain primary sources.

Some books that are secondary sources (someone's research, analysis or criticism of a topic) may also include primary sources such as letters or other correspondences, transcripts or translations of speeches, art, etc., that would be considered primary sources. Don't be afraid to go take a look at the book and thumb through it to see if it includes any of these types of primary sources. 

Newspapers Articles as Primary Sources

Newspaper articles can be excellent primary sources. The Pollak Library has subscriptions to a number of newspaper databases that can be searched. 

Primary Source Databases

Pollak Library has access to over 130 primary source databases. From government documents to archives of organizations other groups, there is so much available across a wide range of subjects.