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Human Communication Studies: Web links

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There are many great web sites on the Internet for Human Communication students: sites of professional organizations, sites of career information, sites of HCOMM resources, etc.    Below is a list of some useful/popular Human Communication sites. 
1. National Communication Association
Founded in 1914, NCA is a non-profit organization of researchers, educators, students, and practitioners, whose academic interests span all forms of human communication.

2. American Communications Association
The professional association of Communications to "promote academic and professional research, criticism, teaching, practical use, and exchange of principles and theories of human communication."
3. Western States Communication Association
This professional association aims to "unite people in the Western States who have an academic, lay or professional interest in communication and who want to promote their mutual educational interests."

4. International Speech Communication Association
An international nonprofit organization, begun in France in 1988, to "to promote Speech Communication Science and Technology, both in the industrial and Academic areas."
5. Southern States Speech Communication Association
An academic/professional organization, to "promote the study, criticism, research, teaching, and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication."
6. Online Speech Bank
Hosted at the American Rhetoric Web site and maintained by Speech Communication professor Michael Eidenmuller, U. of Texas.  Has hundreds of famous audio speeches online, and their transcripts.
7.  International Listening Association
A professional organization "...dedicated to learning more about the impact that listening has on all human activity."

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