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Human Communication Studies: Finding Video

Finding Video

The library has many videos relating to HCOM.  For example, training videos on public speaking, documentaries on human communication, recordings of famous speeches, and more.  The library has videos in 3 formats: streaming, DVDs, and VHS.

STREAMING.  The library subscribes to streaming videos from several vendors (Kanopy, Alexander Street, etc.)  To find streaming library videos, simply search the library's OneSearch search engine, just like you would for a book (either exact title, or keywords).  You can refine your search results to streaming videos by limiting to "video" on the left sidebar. For example, searching the keywords "interpersonal communication" brings up several videos, such as: Communication skills in interpersonal relations.
DVDs. The library also has many physical DVDs.  These are kept at the library's Circulation Desk (first floor, south side) for check-out.  These are also searchable on OneSearch, the same way (titles or keywords), using the left sidebar to limit to "DVDs".  For example, the library has the DVD Body Language II: Reading People.
VHS. Although VHS videocassettes are an old/undesirable format, the library has kept some VHS tapes that are related to HCOM.  These tapes are also available for check-out at the Circulation Desk (first floor, south side) and searchable on OneSearch.  Equipment to view these tapes (VCR players) is available in rooms, on the fourth floor north, which can be reserved at the Circulation Desk. Below is a sampling of these VHS videotapes. 

Sampling of VHS videos


Japanese nonverbal communication  BF637.C45 J36 1978
Examines common Japanese gestures in formal & informal social and business situations. Explores cultural differences.

She said, he said  BF637.C45 S539 1992
Deborah Tannen talks with Steve Roberts about the difference in communication styles between women and men.

Storytellers of the pacific  DU28.3 .S786 1996
Displays the Oral History tradition and Oral communication among indigenous peoples living on the lands around the Pacific Ocean

Inter-ethnic relations  H62.5.U5 B34 1987
A video on improved intercultural communication to improve relations between ethnic groups

Culture by culture  HD62.4 .C85 1999
Gives examples of intercultural communication by a multinational sales dept.; mentions sensitivity to cultural differences in sales techniques

Global one  HD62.4 .G547 1999
A video on negotiation and communication in international business.

Global and environmental communication  HD62.4 .G55
Discusses the importance of the ability to communicate across cultures in order to compete in a global market.

Speaking American English at work  HF5383 .S634 1988
Discusses English communications skills needed in the workplace (job interviewing, etc.) Uses a story of a Vietnamese immigrant in the workplace to exemplify points.

Creative solutions for negotiating conflict  HF5549.5.C6 C742 1997
Helps viewers understand why conflict occurs and how effective listening and communication skills are the key to achieving win-win solutions.

Cross cultural communication in diverse settings  HM258 .C7 1993
Discusses the processes and elements of intercultural communication both verbal and nonverbal

The Sociolinguistics of language  P40 .S62 1987
A lecture on 5 areas of the sociolinguistics of language: language variation, ethnography of communication, language in social context, language change, and speech act theory

The Human language series  P106 .H85 1995
Explores human language, its origins, acquisition and evolution

Sexism in language  P120.S48 S43 1993
Shows examples of how sexism and anti-sexism may be contained in language: in song lyrics, everyday conversation, news reports, written conventions, & satire.

Perfect English pronunciation  PE1137 .P47 1991
Program helps improve English with animation, mouth close-ups and practice.

American tongues  PE2841 .A53 1986
Illustrates several dialects of the English language in the U.S. and various attitudes about regional, social, and ethnic differences in American speech

Be prepared to speak: the step-by-step video guide to public speaking  PN4121 .B4 1985
Demonstrates techniques for preparing and practicing speeches. Follows one speaker's progress through the process of speech writing, speech presentation, and control of stage fright

Speaking effectively: to one or one thousand  PN4121 .S64 1992
Describes 4 components of public speaking-- Mental, Visual, Vocal, Verbal—and how the use of them makes speakers comfortable & effective before any audience

Testifying with impact  PN4193.B8 L87 1994
A "how-to" video for those who testify on the federal, state, or local levels of government. Arch Lustberg tells how to be liked & judged competent by your audience


1. The Speeches of Franklin D. Roosevelt E806 .R7464 1990
2. The Speeches of Harry S. Truman E814 .A4 1990
3. The Speeches of Dwight D. Eisenhower E836 .A5 1990
4. The Speeches of John F. Kennedy E841 .K39 1990
5. The Speeches of Richard Nixon E855 .N64 1990
6. The Speeches of Robert F. Kennedy E840.8.K4 A257 1990
7. The Speeches of Winston Churchill DA566.9.C5 A5 1990
8. The Speeches of Gen. Douglas MacArthur E745.M3 A2 1990
9. The Speeches of Adolph Hitler DD247.H5 A5 1990
10. The Speeches of Famous Women HQ1236 .S65 1995
11. Martin Luther King speeches E185.97.K5 M375 1988
12. Nelson Mandela speeches DT779.95.M36 N44 1990
13. Jesse Jackson Rainbow Coalition speech E879 .J32 1988

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