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Human Communication Studies: Journals


related journals and magazines

Using the databases, you can get the full-text of many HCOM-related journals & magazines, instantly, on your screen!   But sometimes the full-text isn't available...or sometimes an accompanying photo isn't shown...or sometimes you want an old journal that isn't in the databases.  So in those cases, you can consult our hardcopy print subsciptions, shelved in the basement of the north side of the the following HCOM-related journals, below.  Enter these into the library's OneSearch catalog to see the lshelf #, publisher, dates we have it, etc.

        Communication Monographs
        Communication Reports 
        Communication research reports: CRR
        Communication Studies
        Communication World
        Human Communication Research
        Journal of applied communication research: JACR

Looking for a specific journal or magazine not listed above?   In OneSearch Advanced, click on the Journals tab, at the top, and type in your journal.  This will tell you if we have the journal available in print (in the basement north)...or...if we have it available electronically (via a database).  For example, if you were looking for the journal Journal of Communication, the Journals tab would tell you we have it in three of our databases (1. EBSCO Communication & Mass Media Complete; 2. Wiley Interscience; 3. Oxford Journals).

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