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TESOL: Web sites

Web sites

There are many great Web sites on the Internet relating to TESOL:  sites of professionalscreenshot of http link
organizations, sites of ESL resources, etc.    Below is a list of some useful/popular TESOL/ESL sites.  


TESOL- The Web site to TESOL, the national professional organization for TESOL.

CATESOL- The Web site to the state chapter of TESOL.

CALICO - The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium.

IATEFL - International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language.

NCBE - National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition

NCESLL - Center for Applied Linguistics  (has ESL subpages)

TIRF - The International Research Foundation for English Language Education
(This site has a huge bibliography of research articles under the "Resources & References" tab, and the "Reference lists" choice.)


TESL-EJ (TESL Electronic Journal) - free-access peer-reviewed e-journal of articles on TESOL research/ practice.

Language, Learning, & Technology - free-access peer-reviewed e-journal on technology issues in language learning.  Hosted by University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa.

Internet TESL Journal - submitted articles by/for ESL teachers; some research articles, but more classroom/application topics: lessons, activities, etc. (Note: despite the title "journal", not a peer-reviewed journal).

CALL EJ Online - free-access peer-reviewed e-journal on topics of Computer Assisted Language Learning.  Hosted by Japanese & Australian universities.

Asian EFL journal - free-access peer-reviewed e-journal on issues of teaching EFL in Asian / to Asian students.

Web Journal of Modern Language Linguistics (WJMLL) - free-access peer-reviewed e-journal on linguistics topics.  Hosted by U. of Newcastle on Tyne (UK).


Dave's ESL Cafe - Popular ESL resource site for both students and teachers.

Aardvark's English Forum - compilation of wide variety of ESL resources for teachers.

ESL Gold - a resource site offering activities, exercises, lesson plans, links, etc. for both students and teachers.  Has a wide variety.

ESL Flow - resource site for teachers on creating ESL/EFL lesson plans...including grammar, pronunciation, role plays, listening activities, etc.

English Club - large site of resources...activities, lessons, etc. - large site of resources...activities,  lessons, etc.  Hosted/compiled by EFL Instructors at Aichi Inst. of Tech., Japan.

Lesson Plans & Resources for ESL Teachers - a good compilation of ESL links created by emeriti ESL teacher at Cal State Northridge.

The Linguist List - site maintained by Eastern Michigan U. & Wayne State U.; impressive amount of links to ESL resources

TEFL.Net - Site especially dedicated to links & resources for teaching English as a Foreign language. - Multiple resource site.  For students: quizzes, chat, activities, etc.; For teachers: job bank, lesson ideas, etc. - Informative for ESL students on American slang words, expressions, and song lyrics, including gradations of offensiveness.


Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab - allows students to hear audio and take listening comprehension quizzes

Real English - Interactive Online Video - allows students to see streaming video clips of conversations and take accompanying comprehension quizzes.  (Some clips are free; others require $ subscription).

The Listening Lounge Listening

Internet TESL Journal: Listening


ESL - Large, free database of jobs (over 4500) for ESL instructors, posted by employers from all around the world.

Tesall - A search engine of worldwide ESL job postings on the Internet.  It searches job postings at many websites (based on your keywords), and then displays the links.


Brokers (offer various products from multiple publishers)
(located in bay area; largest & most comprehensive broker)

Delta Systems
(large broker, competitive with Alta; all types of materials and age ranges)

Saddelback Educational
(located in Orange County; strong in Elementary ESL)

Multi-Cultural Books & Videos
(offers ESL materials, but also materials for learning OTHER languages)

Publishers (publish various products: textbooks, dictionaries, resources, etc.)
(large ESL publisher; the following publisher names are affiliated/synonymous with Pearson: Longman, Prentice-Hall, Scott-Foresman, Addison-Wesley, Penguin)

(large ESL publisher; the following former publisher names are under the Cengage umbrella: Heninle & Heinle, Newbury-House, Thompson Learning)

Oxford University Press
(large ESL publisher; Picture Dictionary set is their most famous product)

Cambridge ESL
(various products, but strong in academic/linguistic materials)

(various products, but strong in TESOL teacher training)

University of Michigan Press
(all products)

Ballard & Tighe
(strong in testing materials)

New Readers Press
(strong in literacy, reading, & vocational/CBE ESL)

Pro Lingua Associates
(strong in Elementary and Activity books)

(consumer-oriented publisher; strong in test-prep)

Multimedia Publishers (includes CDs, DVDs, software, etc.)
Slangman Publishing
(Dictionaries, videos, texts on American slang)

Educational Testing Service (ETS)
(Authoritative TOEFL test-prep materials)

Sunburst Media
(multimedia materials on ESL pronunciation, accent reduction, etc.)

Video Language Products
(multimedia materials on ESL pronunciation, accent reduction, etc.)

Transparent Language
(software on learning different languages, including ESL)

Rosetta Stone
(software on learning different languages, including ESL)

Audio Forum
(cassette tapes on learning different languages, including ESL)


Online Yellow Pages exist for several language communities in the USA.  By going to these and doing a search for "bookstores," you can find local, retail bookstores that carry ESL books in native languages.

Chinese: Chinese Yellow Pages USA:
Korean:  (can limit to L.A.; Korean font needed)
Vietnamese: Vietgate Yellow Pages USA:

Official TOEFL preparation site from Educational Testing Service, the author of the TOEFL. 
Official TOEFL free practice materials
A good overview of the TOEFL test and recommendations how to prepare.
Free TOEFL practice tests and preparation guidance, from an educational test prep company.
Free preparation materials (option for enhanced preparation materials for a fee).

A writing assistance organization, with a free Guide to TOEFL preparation
A blog post--from this onlilne service--about TOEFL preparation with links to preparation/practice sites

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