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TESOL: ESL Textbooks

ESL Textbooks

book covers of sample ESL textbooks

The library has a sample collection of ESL textbooks. They are located on the 4th floor north of the library.  You can browse them, in-person, on the floor.  Or you can search for them on the library's OneSearch catalog.  (Search for exact titles, or search keywords such as ESL, textbook, learning English, etc.) Once you find an ESL textbook in OneSearch, you can use the  "virtual browse" feature, at the bottom, to "see" adjacent textbooks on the shelf.
ESL textbooks for children

The shelves nearest to the elevators, as you enter the floor, are where the current CA state-adopted textbooks, K-8, are located.  The shelves are labeled "LRDC".  If  you go to the shelf number of PE1128, you will find the textbooks for ESL

ESL textbooks for adults  
The shelves further back to the left, labeled "Texts", are where ESL textbooks primarily for adults (college age or adult education) are located.  These textbooks are from all decades--1970s, 1980s,1990s, 2000s, 2010s--in order to compare textbook styles across time.  Many of them were donated from CSUF's own ESL program which was on campus for over 30 years (1986-2018).  These textbooks are excellent for finding lesson and activities in lesson planning.  They are divided into 6 categories on the shelves:

                    PE 1128     =  TESOL in general
                    PE 1128.1  =  listening/speaking emphasis
                    PE 1128.2  =  reading emphasis
                    PE 1128.3  =  writing emphasis
                    PE 1128.4  =  grammar/vocabulary emphasis
                    PE 1128.5  =  content-based emphasis

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