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Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA): Finding Video

Finding Video

The Library owns many feature films, and many video documentaries related to CTVA. They are available in 3 formats: streaming, DVD, and VHS.

STREAMING.  The library subscribes to streaming videos from several vendors (Kanopy, Alexander Street, etc.)  To find streaming library videos, simply search the library's OneSearch search engine, just like you would for a book (either exact title, or keywords).  You can refine your search results to streaming videos by limiting to "video" on the left sidebar. For example, searching the title Birth of a Nation brings up that film as streaming.
DVD. The library also has many physical DVDs.  These are kept at the library's Circulation Desk (first floor, south side) for check-out.  These are also searchable on OneSearch, the same way (titles or keywords), using the left sidebar to limit to "DVDs".  For example, the library has the DVD of the 1952 film Singing in the Rain
VHS. Although VHS videocassettes are an old/undesirable format, the library has kept some VHS documentary tapes that are related to CTVA.  These tapes are available for check-out at the Circulation Desk (first floor, south side) and searchable on OneSearch.  Equipment to view these tapes (VCR players) is available in rooms, on the fourth floor north side, which can be reserved at the Circulation Desk.  Below is a sampling of some of these VHS tapes.

Sampling of VHS videos

Television history  HE8700.4 .T44 1998
This program covers the development of TV from the labs of John Baird, Philo T. Farnsworth, and Vladimir Zworykin to the present day.

Talked to death: have TV talk shows gone too far?  HE8700.8 .T33 1998
This program investigates how far producers and hosts are willing to go to win high ratings. Featuring candid insights from current and former hosts Geraldo Rivera, Phil Donahue, Maury Povich, etc.

Prime time violence  HQ784.T4 P74 1994
This documentary discusses the relationship between TV & violence in society. Includes commentary by gov’t and TV industry leaders.

Copyright law: what every school, college and public library should know  KF3030.4 .C66 1987
Discusses the laws regarding off-air recording of television programs and video dubbing

Media impact  P90 .M367 1998
Emphasizes the seductive nature of films & TV. The pervasiveness of electronic images in daily life make it difficult for viewers to discern fact from fiction.

Media audience & feedback  P96.A83 M42 1998
Explores the characteristics that define a desirable audience, the history of audience ratings, and the ways in which audiences are assessed.

Reading film  P96.P75 R42 1992
Analyzes television commercials and segments from feature films. Investigates how structure, imagery, camera angles, lighting, and sound can influence.

Soviet TV documentaries  PG2112.7 .S68 1990
Examples of Russian TV programs and news documentaries from the 1980’s

Signal to noise: life with television  PN1992.6 .S43 1996
Explores the relationship between TV & society, "reality" portrayed on TV, TV as an information source, and issues involved in controlling what is broadcast.

Dreamworlds 2: desire/sex/power in music video  PN1992.8.M87 D74 1995
Portrays the impact that sex & violence in media have on society. Shows violent music videos portraying masculinity, femininity, sex, & sex roles.

TV violence and you  PN1992.8.V55 T48 1997
Well-known expert on violence, George Gerbner, analyzes one week of television shows to determine their level of violence and the effect on viewers.

The movies story  PN1993.5.A1 M68
A look at the history of motion pictures that presents some of the milestones in its evolution

El nuevo cine latinoamericano [New cinema of Latin America]  PN1993.5.L3 N84 1983
Traces the history and development of the modern motion picture in Latin America, including the difficulties of filmmakers in Latin America today

Film history  PN1993.5.U6 F49 1998
This program examines the history of film, from its beginnings in the late 19th century to the invention of VCRs.

The directing process  PN2053 .D57 1990
Discusses history of directing, play selection, text analysis, design & collaboration, the audition process, principles of staging, and organizing productions

Television and terrorism: who calls the shots?  PN4888.S6 T45 1991
Panel discussion on the relationship between live television coverage and law enforcement activities during a crisis situation. Includes news footage clips.

Radio: Out of thin air  TK6547. R33 1997
A History Channel documentary on the history of radio, from the beginning of its invention, to biographical profiles of pioneers in its development, to interviews with modern radio personalities (e.g. Casey Kasem, Larry King).

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