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Cinema and Television Arts (CTVA): Articles


To find articles related to CTVA (from newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals) you have two options:

Right on the library's homepage is the OneSearch box; this option searches several of the library's databases all at once. You simply type in keywords of what you're looking for and it will retrieve articles matching those keywords.  Even better is to use the Advanced Search to the right of the box.  But just like a Google search, OneSearch yields way too many results...sometimes in the thousands!  So when you get your list of results, use the left sidebar to refine your results.  For example, narrowing to only the past 5 years...or only scholarly articles...or only instant full-text...etc.

OneSearch box           OneSearch

Searching specific databases for CTVA-related articles is far more precise. At the library's homepage, click on the "Databases" icon.  You will see a list of the library's databases: both alphabetically, A-Z, and grouped by majors.  You can click on the CTVA major, and see all the best CTVA-related majors listed there.  Or you can click directly on the database's name, alphabetically.  Examples of some CTVA -related databases include:
     - US Newstream (a newspaper database...articles like from the L.A. Times Calendar section)
     - ABI/Inform (an industry magazine database...articles like from Broadcasting & Cable)
     - Performing Arts Periodicals (a scholarly journals database...articles like from Film Quarterly)

Specific database


Keywords: Once you are in a database, search for articles similar to searching on Google: type in keywords of what you want (for example: children's television).  A list of articles will then come up.  If you see the full-text (a PDF or HTML icon) next to any on the list, great!  You can click and read the full-text immediately.  If no full-text is displayed, then then click on the blue "Find it" button and a pop-up window will appear referring you to where you can get the full-text.

Subjects: You don't have to only search with random keywords.  Random keywords can often bring up hundreds of unrelated articles, simply because the keywords appeared somewhere in the article.   Instead, change your search box to a SUBJECT search, and type a word.  This will look for articles entirely ABOUT that word, not just find that word randomly.   For example, an article ABOUT censorship, not just an article that has the word censorship in it.

FINDING HISTORIC (OLD) ARTICLESfind historical article

Luckily, some of our databases instantly retrieve the full-text of old articles related to CTVA.  For example, the NY Times Historic database, and the LA Times Historic database provide instant old newspaper articles.   The Reader's Guide Retrospective database is for old magazines, and while it doesn't provide instant full-text, it will refer you where to get it.   We also have two very comprehensive PRINT INDEXES, that show you all the CTVA-related articles that were written in past years (1930-1994).   You can find them here:
     Film literature Index (from 1973-1994)
     Retrospective Index to film periodicals (from 1930-1971)

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