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African American Studies: Embodied Research

A Research Guide for African American Studies. Offers databases to find books, films, music, articles, and other types of materials.

Embodied + Creative Research

Dance On! I invite you to apply Embodied Research and Creative Research methodologies and epistemologies in your research journey.

I will be introducing a few approaches to guide you through this journey of research, exploration and experimentation.

Research: To Learn about History 

Keyword Search Examples

African Dance 
African American Dance 

African diaspora movement
African diaspora and dance

Diaspora Dance

Afro-Caribbean Dance
Afro-Latin and Dance
Afro-Cuban and Dance 

Research:  Context, Connections, Intersectionality
Compare the Searches Below

African diaspora    :: as context
African diaspora and dance    :: making connections 

Afro-Caribbean and Katherine Dunham       :: moving toward specificity 

Katherine Dunham and African diaspora and dance      :: moving toward specificity

African dance and diaspora and Katherine Dunham and decolonization     :: explore intersectionality


Research: Explore Subjects

Dance- Africa

African American dance -- History

African Americans -- Social life and customs


Research: Explore Methodology, Theory, Epistemology 

Embodied Research
Creative Research 
Performative Writing (vs. Dance Criticism)
Writing about Dance
Dunham Technique
Critical Race Theory
Critical Postcolonial Dance


Research: Dance Forms, Dancers | Choreographers, Dance Company

African Dance
Traditional African Dance
North African dance
Ghana Dance 

(Bamaya or Baamaaya)
Black Social Dance
Jazz Dance
Havana Club Rumba

Germaine Acogny
Alvin Ailey and Revelations
Kyle Abraham/Abraham in Motion and Meditation: A Silent Prayer
Black Girl: Linguistic Play and Camille A. Brown

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Dance On! Journey On!
Be Resourceful.
Be Creative.
Be Joyful.

Stay Open.

Stay Pliant.