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Biology 500A: Scopus Metrics

An online guide for Biology 500A


Introduced in 2016, a family of eight indicators to analyze the publication influence of serial titles. CiteScore metrics offer more robust, timely and accurate indicators of a serial title’s impact.


Diagram from Elsevier

CiteScore = (# citations received by a journal in one year to documents published in the three previous years) ÷ (# documents indexed in Scopus published in those same three years)

Note: CiteScore calculation is based on Scopus data, while Impact Factor is based on Web of Science data. CiteScore uses a 3-year window while Impact Factor adopts a 2-year window.

SNIP - Source Normalized Impact per Paper

Measures contextual citation impact by taking differences in disciplinary characteristics into account; can be used to compare journals in different fields. This is a  corrective metric to account for different research fields.

SNIP = (journal’s citation count per paper) ÷ (citation potential in its subject area)

SJR - SCImagi Journal Rank

A prestige metric for journals, book series and conference proceedings that weights the value of a citation based on the subject field, quality and reputation of the source. A detailed description of SJR with formulas is available.

SJR = (average # weighted citations received in a year) ÷ (# documents published in previous 3 years)

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