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Business Frequently Asked Questions: Finding Bond Information

This a guide to frequently asked business questions

How Do I Find Information about Bonds?

FINRA Market Data Center: Bonds

Find prices, yields, values, ratings, and more. Updated daily.

Mergent Bond Record – Updated monthly and annually.    It gives current prices, yields, values, and ratings. 

  Identifying a Bond

 CUSIP – Every security, including bonds, are assigned a CUSIP number.  They serve as an easy identifier for a bond  You may find CUSIP numbers in Mergent Bond Record.

 Title of the Bond – Name of the organization (company, agency, or municipality), together with Coupon (interest rate) and date of issue and date of maturity.

 Coupon – Each bond within an organization has a different coupon (interest rate).

 Dates – Bonds within an organization will have different maturity dates and different dates of issue.

 Historical Bond Prices

 We do not subscribe to any source that provides historical bond prices on a daily basis.  Mergent Bond Record and Standard and Poor Bond Guide provide monthly historical data by checking older issues.  The Wall Street Journal DOES NOT list bond prices daily for all bonds, just a few “representative” bonds.


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