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Asian American Studies: ASAM 101

A research guide for Asian American Studies 300: Introduction to Asian American Studies.

"Museum Exhibits"

Images | Primary Sources

Search Examples: ASAM History Topics

The Asian American Movement
The Asian American Movement AND (college or campus or university)

Model minority AND (history or origin)

Delano grape strike
Delano strike AND Filipino farm workers
Larry Itliong AND the Agricultural Workers Organizing Committee

Immigration Laws
The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 

Gidra Magazine


U.S.-Philippine War

Search Examples: Concept | Topics

Anti-Asian Racism and Post-9/11 

Asian Americans and Identity
Asian Americans AND (Identity formation or identity consciousness)

Civil Rights
Civil Rights and Asian Americans 

Civil Rights and Filipino farm workers
(Civil Rights or politics) and Asian American art 

Citizenship AND (Ozawa and Thind)
Citizenship and (Ozawa or Thind)

Diaspora AND (Place or San Gabriel Valley) 
Diaspora AND Vietnamese America*

Food AND racial identity
Food and (Asian American or Filipino American) AND identity
Boba culture

U.S. Imperialism
U.S. Imperialism AND U.S.-Phillipine War 

Search Examples: Place | Geography | City | Region | Neighborhood

Search Examples

Chinatowns AND (race or racial hierarchy)
Place AND (race or racial construct) AND Chinatown

San Gabriel Valley AND hybridity
Chinese neighborhoods AND hybridity

Little Saigon 
Filipino town
Thai Town
Cambodian and Long Beach

Westminster AND California AND Vietnamese American*
Vietnamese diaspora and Southern California