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Aging Studies: AGNG 503

Subject guide for Aging Studies

Background Information & Statistics

Resources for Finding Background Information

Links to relevant databases useful for finding full text background information in academic level electronic sources.

Newspaper Search for Statistics and Background Information

Journal Articles

Complete List of AGNG Databases

To access a complete list of databases recommended for AGNG research, please use the "Articles" link from the main Aging Studies guide.

This link from the Pollak Library Web site offers another way to access a list of databases recommended for AGNG research.

Google Scholar Via the Pollak Library

Use Google Scholar to search through thousands of journals, many of which the Pollak Library owns.  You can also find patents and legal documents with Google Scholar.

By connecting Google Scholar to the Pollak Library, you have access to a special "Pollak Library Find It!" link in order to determine if a particular item of interest is available full-text online, in print, or through interlibrary loan.

If you need assistance with connecting to Google Scholar from off campus, the information on this page offers one way to configure Google Scholar so that it connects with resources available through the Pollak Library.

Internet Resources

Internet Searching

Please read the information below to learn how you can construct a search of government Web sites in Google for information on your research topic.

Did You Know?
You can search for government Web sites in Google by typing: [skipping a space and then entering your search term(s)]

To search education Web sites, please type: [skipping a space and then entering your search term(s)]

For a search of organization Web sites, please type: [skipping a space and then entering your search term(s)]

Additional Tip
If needed, please try searches using different keywords, as well as placing your keywords in a different order. Also, if you are searching for a specific phrase, you may wish to place quotation marks around the phrase in order to find the phrase words together.

As always, please take the time to evaluate your sources.

Sample Keywords for Statistics

As you look for statistical information, some keywords you may want to include in different searches are:

statisticdata, prevalence, incidence, survey, rate, demographic, population, characteristic, trend, sample