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Geography: GIS & Maps

Subject guide for Geography

Maps at Pollak Library

boswell maps logoThe Roy V. Boswell Collection for the History of Cartography
Located in Special Collections at Pollak Library

The Boswell Collection consists of about 1,700 maps that represent the entire range of map production in the Western world from the earliest available up to 1901 (defining "early" by this terminal date). It is a diverse assemblage with all kinds of physical characteristics, subjects, and purposes. View catalog records for individual items in the Boswell Collection.


U.S. Maps

California - Statewide

california topographic iconCalifornia Geological Survey - Geologic Maps

Resource includes an Electronic Map Library, Wall Map Closet, Flight Movies, Mapping Resources, and more. This resource was created by Dr. William A. Bowen, professor of geography emeritus at California State University Northridge.

Statewide Redistricting Database (SWDB)

On this site, you will find voting, registration and geographic datasets for the State of California for statewide elections beginning in 1992.


The Cal-Atlas site facilitates the coordinated and sustainable development, maintenance, licensing and sharing of geospatial data and web map services by California government agencies, partners and stakeholders.

Soil Data Access - National Resources Conservation Service

The soil data mart! Information on national and local soil. Also see the Web Soil Survey.

CalTopo - Backcountry Mapping

Free USGS topo maps. Print free USGS topo PDFs. Export topographic maps to Google Earth. Convert coordinates between Lat/Long and UTM, and translate between NAD27 and WGS84 datums

USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest GIS Clearinghouse

Here you will find geospatial data for the National Forests in California, along with region-wide, province-wide, and state-wide datasets available for download. Most forest-wide data was captured from 1:24,000 scale maps.


California - Regional

california regional iconNorthern California
Sacramento Area Council of Governments Mapping Center

This clearinghouse contains metadata, file owner-maintainer information, and in some cases ESRI based shape files for the basic mapping layers in the Sacramento region.

"Access USGS--San Francisco Bay & Delta" was created to help disseminate this information via the World Wide Web. Here you will find examples of USGS publications, posters, maps, and other information on the San Francisco Bay & Delta region from many disciplines.

SANDAG offers Geographic Information System data, Interactive Mapping, web mapping services, and GIS Animations & Visualizations.

Mojave Desert Ecosystem Program

Information, maps, and data about the Mojave Desert ecosystem.

United States Historical Maps

united states regional historic map iconUnited States Historical Maps - Perry-Castañeda Library

   Digitized historical maps from prehistory until early 20th century

U.S. History Maps and Atlases - WWW-VL

   Links to digitized maps from prehistory to Iraq War.

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection

   Specializes in digitized maps of 18th and 19th century United States.