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Education: Test Collection

A portal to resources for research in education. This guide is primarily intended for graduate students in the College of Education.

What is the Test Collection?

The Pollak Library owns copies of standardized and psychological tests.  These tests have been collected in order to provide students and qualified researchers with examples of these tests to study.  

Use the Pollak Library Catalog to search for tests and kits that are part of the AVCMC (audiovisual & curriculum center) collection, choose "title" from the main menu. Then type in the title of the test (i.e. Minnesota multiphasic personality inventory). A location and call number will display. Please note that there are no subject entries for the tests in the OPAC.

The Test Collection  guide included below offers more information about this collection and who can use it. 

Test Collection Guide

Pollak Library Test File -- Guidelines for Use

This policy is written in accord with APA-AERA-NCME standards (see Tests in Print II, p. 759, “Standards for Educational and Psychological Tests”), copyright laws, and the requirements of test publishers.

The purpose of the Test Collection is to provide qualified persons with samples of standardized tests for examination and study. A qualified person is defined as a CSUF faculty member whose field is involved with standardized tests, a CSUF student in education, counseling, child development, psychology, and other classes in which the study of tests and their administration is an integral part of the class, and other patrons of the Library whose training qualifies them to examine these materials. It is essential that the use of the Test Collection be limited to the above user categories in order that the validity of the tests not be compromised. Most test publishers require a written statement from the library indicating that only qualified persons will have access to the tests. In most cases, the Test File will provide specimen sets of tests for study and evaluation. Full sets of tests and materials for the administering of tests will included only if requested by an instructor for definite use by his/her students.

The Test Collection is maintained in closed files at the Pollak Library Circulation Desk (first floor, Pollak Library South). Title access is available from the OPAC (online public access catalog). Tests will be paged for the patron by the staff member at the Circulation Desk.  Please note that there are no subject entries for the tests in the OPAC.

Standardized tests are copyrighted materials and unauthorized reproduction is punishable by civil and criminal codes.

Any qualified CSUF faculty member with a current validated ID may use and check out any test.

UNRESTRICTED tests may be checked out and used within the Pollak Library for two hours by any CSUF student with a current validated ID.

RESTRICTED tests include personality tests of projective techniques, nonprojective personality tests such as the MMPI, intelligence tests, and other such instruments as may be designated by the supervising faculty.

All scoring templates are RESTRICTED USE and will be filed separately from the unrestricted tests.

In order to use or check out a test marked RESTRICTED, a student must be listed on a current class list which is submitted to the Circulation Desk by the instructor in advance of the class assignment. The class instructor will be responsible for instructing the students in the ethical and professional use of all restricted materials issued to his/her students. The Circulation Desk will not ordinarily accept individual notes from an instructor which are presented by the student.

The class list of users for restricted tests will stipulate whether tests are to be used in the Pollak Library for a 2-hour loan, or whether they are allowed to circulate for a 2-day, 2-week, or longer period.

Persons using tests should check the contents for missing items before and after checking them out. Missing items noted before checkout should be reported to the Circulation Desk staff member on duty. Borrower will be held liable for items noted missing after checkout. When a test is returned by a patron, its contents will be checked by Circulation Desk staff against the contents listed at checkout. If an item is missing, the patron will be notified and will be responsible for replacing the item or paying the required fine.

Tests are not ordinarily sent via Interlibrary Loan or consortium delivery. However, persons from other institutions may examine tests in the library, provided that they meet the qualifications defined above.