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Theatre Research Guide: Plays

Subject guide for Theatre

Play Database - Immediate Online Content

These databases allow access to thousands of plays digitally: 

Library Catalog for Play Scripts

There is no special section for plays in the library. Plays are mixed in the book stacks with traditional literature. So knowing the name of the play and author is important when searching for plays in OneSearch 

Glass Menagerie by Tennessee WilliamsHOW TO LOCATE A PLAY IN OUT LIBRARY COLLECTION:

1. Start with the OneSearch

2. Do an AUTHOR search to see everything we own by your playwright
    Example:  Williams, Tennessee (Last Name, First Name)

3. Do a TITLE Search by the name of the play.
     Example: The Glass Menagerie

4. Do a GENERAL search entering the name of the play and the playwrights last name.
    Remember: Collections of plays will sometimes include your play.
    Sample collection of plays:  Best plays of the seventies / edited by Stanley Richards



If you do not have a playwright or play title in mind browse some of these website to find a play that might interest you. Once you found something interesting search for the title, author, or ISBN in OneSearch

*** Do not purchase off of these website, check OneSearch to see if you can get these plays through the library first***