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Theatre Research Guide: Websites

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How Do I Evaluate Websites?

Ask yourself the following questions when evaluating websites: keyboard with emojis

  • Is the author an authority or expert?
  • Is the author selling ideas or products?
  • Is evidence to support information?
  • Is the information current?
  • Is the site mostly opinion?
  • Is the site biased or what is the bias?
  • Is this a commercial site designed to encourage sales?

Theatre Website: A few examples

A few Theatre Websites

Wikipedia is not recommended for research by many university faculty.
    1. Much of the information in Wikipedia is not college-level information.
    2. Biographical Information in Wikipedia can be written by publicists, fans, and/or proud family members.
    3. Wikipedia is constantly updated, which allows for a rewrite of history as author's or society's attitudes change.

Colbert on Wikipedia Colbert On Wikipedia
A humorous, and yet thought provoking, bit from Stephan Colbert on Wikipedia. 

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