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Theatre Research Guide: Books

Subject guide for Theatre

Contactless Book Pickup

Similar to Amazon package lockers, they can be used to pick-up library books & materials requested via OneSearch.  The lockers are located at the south entrance of the library (Quad side). This allows users to pick-up their books/materials any time. In OneSearch, for a book or item, users select Request and then 24/7 Lockers ; an email will then be sent with instructions how to open the locker (an electronic key code).  Materials will be available from the locker for 3 days after the email is sent.  Please see full details about lockers for more information.

Find Books Using OneSearch

We have many books in the Library on the subject of Theatre. If you want to browse the collection go to the 3rd Floor on the North side of the Pollak Library. Book in the call numbers range PN 1600 - PN 3307 will be about Theatre.

* Not every book on the subject of Theatre will be in this call number range*

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Closer Look at Call Numbers

If you are browsing our physical book collection here is a little more information on what specific Theatre subject each call number indicates: 

  • PN 1600-PN 3307: Drama
  • PN 2068: Theatrical makeup
  • PN 2091 .E4: Stage lighting
  • PN 2091 .S8: Theaters --Stage setting and scenery
  • PN 2061-PN 2071: Acting
  • PN 2067: Costumes
  • PN 2080: Monologues
  • PN 2085-PN 2096: The stage and accessories
  • PN 2091 .S6: Sound effects
  • PN 2131-PN 2145: Ancient theater history
  • PN 2152-PN 2160: Medieval theater history
  • PN 2171-PN 2179: Renaissance theater history
  • PN 2181-PN 2193: Modern theater history
  • PN 3035 The: Jewish theater