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Dance: Websites

Subject guide for Dance

Evaluation Criterion


  • Is the author an authority or expert?
  • Is evidence used to support facts?
  • Do you think the information is correct?
  • What is the author's agenda?
  • Is the website selling products? 

Evaluating Websites


How Do I Evaluate Websites?

Start with... the ABOUT section of any webpage lists the website's stated mission, purpose or information on the author(s). Here is a good example of a website with an informative ABOUT section:

Then, look... AUTHORS:

  • All quality websites will list their author(s).  The author can be a person, a group of people, organization, company, or government agency.
  • Websites with no author are anonymous.  Information from an anonymous website should not be used in research.
  • Company websites are advertisements and their information should be treated as such. 
  • Websites that review movies, theatre, music, & dance performances, are generally simply selling tickets.

IN CONCLUSION: Become a snob when you do research on the Internet.  Carefully evaluate any website and use information that is college-level, identify any bias that the website might have, look for the credentials of the author(s), and do not include in your research any suspect or low-quality websites.

Dance Web Sites

American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals 1490-1920 Full text copies of over 200 dance manuals. From the Library of Congress. Links to 1,800+ ballet and dance companies all over the world.

Copyright of Choreographic Works Overview of legal history of copyrighting choreographic works in terms understandable to non-lawyers. Article by Julie Van Camp, Professor of Philosophy, CSULB, 1994.

Dance Heritage Collection a national non-profit cooperative group of institutions with significant collections of historical dance materials.