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Dance: Websites

Subject guide for Dance

Evaluation Criterion

* Is the author an authority or expert?
* What is the author's agenda?
* Is the website selling products? 
* Is evidence used to support facts?

* Is the information current?
* Do you think the information is correct?

Evaluating Websites


How Do I Evaluate Websites?

Start with...ABOUT on the home page lists the website's stated mission, purpose or information on the author(s). Sample websites that include informative ABOUT links

Then, look at AUTHORS:

  • All quality websites will list their author(s).  The author can be a person, a group of people, organization, company, or government agency.
  • Websites with no author are anonymous.  Information from an anonymous website should not be used in research.
  • Company websites are advertisements and their information should be treated as such. 
  • Websites that review movies, theatre, music, & dance performances, are generally simply selling tickets.


  • PubMed Respected medical research database maintained by the US National Library of Medicine
  • Dance Magazine  Popular trade magazine in dance.  Articles in this magazines are avilable to CSUF for free when searching through library databases.

IN CONCLUSION: Become a snob when you do research on the Internet.  Carefully evaluate any website and use information that is college-level, identify any bias that the website might have, look for the credentials of the author(s), and do not include in your research any suspect or low-quality websites.

Dance Web Sites

Dance: general Links to 1,800+ ballet and dance companies all over the world.

Copyright of Choreographic Works Overview of legal history of copyrighting choreographic works in terms understandable to non-lawyers. Article by Julie Van Camp, Professor of Philosophy, CSULB, 1994.

Dance Heritage Collection a national non-profit cooperative group of institutions with significant collections of historical dance materials.

Dancing Online: Internet Dance Magazine Articles, ballet, choreographers, dancers, fashion, performers, and directly.

Society of Dance History Scholars nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting research, discussion, performance, and publication in dance history and related fields

American Ballroom Companion: Dance Instruction Manuals 1490-1920 Full text copies of over 200 dance manuals. From the Library of Congress.

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