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Criminal Justice: Websites

Subject guide for Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Websites

  • NCJRS: National Criminal Justice Reference Service This website is maintained by the Department of Justice and provides information for professionals in the form of a searchable articles database, listing of events, information on grants and funding, a question answer service, as well as current news.
  • OVC: Office for Victims of Crime This national government website’s mission is to provide online access to assistance to crime victims and to promote changing attitudes, policies, and practices to encourage justice and healing for all victims of crime. The website’s search engine provides access to research reports and statistical data.
  • Use Google to find government websites.  site: .gov topic    site (colon) (dot) gov  your topic  ie  site: .gov domestic abuse statistics

How Do I Evaluate Websites

Ask yourself the following questions when evaluating websites:

  • Is the author an authority or expert on the subject?
  • What is the author's agenda? Are they trying to sell an idea or product?
  • Do they use evidence to support fact claims, ideas, or opinions?
  • Is the information current?

OER- Open Educational Resources (free)

These are free and reliable resources available online.