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Criminal Justice: Articles

Subject guide for Criminal Justice

Have citation? Locate article

To find this article, either online or in print...

1. Start at the home page ( and paste the citation into the OneSearch box. 

You may also want to just put the title in the search box.  I suggest putting in quotation marks.   "Proactive policing by post and community officers"   

 2. Use the drop down menu and change it to ARTICLES.

1. Start at the home page, click on FIND click on Journals by Title
2. Enter the title of the journal, click on the magnifying glass or hit ENTER
3. Find your journal title and click to go into it. Then you can search inside that journal for the article

Sample Citation:
Famega, C N. (2009). Proactive policing by post and community officers. Crime and delinquency, 55(1), 78-104.

Google Scholar

Journal Article Databases for Criminal Justice Topics

Search Tips

When using the databases, put one idea or concept in each box.

When using the databases, AND will narrow your search; OR will expand your search.

body cameras AND police OR law enforcement

impact OR effect OR influence OR outcome OR result OR consequence

techniques OR methods OR strategies OR interventions OR treatment OR prevention OR approaches

Using quotations marks around phrases tells the computer you want it to search for these words in this order.

"broken windows theory"

Most databases have limiters on the left side of the screen.  Use the Subject Headings to narrow your results and also for ideas of new search terms to try.


Criminal Justice Journals

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