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Counseling: COUN 521

Subject Guide for Counseling

Journal Articles

Complete List of COUN Databases

To access a complete list of databases recommended for COUN research, please use the "Counseling Databases" link from the main Counseling guide.

This link from the Pollak Library Web site offers another way to access a list of databases recommended for COUN research.

Google Scholar Via the Pollak Library

Use Google Scholar to search through thousands of journals, many of which the Pollak Library owns.  You can also find patents and legal documents with Google Scholar.

By connecting Google Scholar to the Pollak Library, you have access to a special "Pollak Library Find It!" link in order to determine if a particular item of interest is available full-text online, in print, or through interlibrary loan.

If you need assistance with connecting to Google Scholar from off campus, the information on this page offers one way to configure Google Scholar so that it connects with resources available through the Pollak Library.

APA PsycInfo Resources

APA PsycInfo Methodology Field Values

APA PsycInfo allows you to limit your search to a specific methodology or set of methodologies.  One methodology field in APA PsycInfo offers you the opportunity to search specifically for empirical studies.


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Using the Methodology Limiter in APA PsycInfo on EBSCOhost (American Psychological Association tutorial)

APA PsycInfo Classification Codes

APA PsycInfo organizes its content according to a system of classification codes.  When searching APA PsycInfo, you have the option to locate material based on these codes.


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Direct Link to Classification Codes Document (American Psychological Association PDF)