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Child and Adolescent Studies: Empirical Articles

Subject Guide for Child and Adolescent Studies

Empirical Articles - Sample Research Tips

Empirical articles detail original research/studies that have been done.    

Some of the major components of empirical articles include the following:
Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, References


Locating Empirical Articles in APA PsycINFO

Use the "Methodology" limiter to select:  EMPIRICAL STUDY


Locating Empirical Articles in ERIC

Use the "Publication Type" limiter to select:  Reports - Research


Locating Empirical Articles in Other Databases

Use terms such as: study, research, empirical, methods, methodology, research design, survey, data, results

Please remember to use OR between your combination of terms. For example, you may enter the following in one search box:

study OR research OR empirical

research OR methods OR data OR results