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Fullerton High School International Baccalaureate: Books

Welcome Indians!

Finding Books at Pollak Library!

Most of the books in the Pollak Library collection are scholarly, that means they can provide an overview of your topic.  Sometimes you only need to read one chapter in the book, but each chapter includes a bibliography which can lead you to additional sources.  Often, the chapter headings in the book can help you focus a large topic into a narrower research focus that can be explored in a smaller paper.

You can find scholarly books on your topic -- complete with useful bibliographies -- by conducting a keyword searches using a couple of different methods. Use the same keywords you'd use in any other database.

Try either one of these strategies: 

1). From the library's homepage, use OneSearch to search by keyword, title or author, then select, "Books and Media (CSUF)".


2). Click on the, "BOOKS / MEDIA", link on the homepage. It will take you to a search that is limited to books and media at Pollak Library.

Checking Out Books from Pollak LIbrary

Members of the community can get a library card for free, but must be 18 years of age. Community user accounts can be set up by visiting the Circulation Desk on the 1st floor of the south side of the library or contacting them at: 657-278-2721 or

Should you need to page a book, you can do so using the Item Search Request form

Locate Books at Pollak Library and Beyond